What Buyers Want to See when They Walk into a Room

When buyers view your property, they’re likely to visit each room and look around. Their imagination is turned on high. Often, within just a few moments in a space, they’ll form an impression — ideally, a positive one!

1. Space. Buyers will often mentally fit their furniture into a room when they see it. So, make sure each room is uncluttered and staged in a way that showcases its spaciousness.

2. Functionality. Buyers want to see the room for what it is. So, if it’s a bedroom, but you’ve turned it into an exercise room, it might become a distraction to buyers. Consider restoring the room to its original purpose.

3. Themselves. Buyers want to imagine the room as part of their home, not yours. They want to see themselves in it. That’s why it’s smart to depersonalize the space as much as possible. For example, replace the family picture on the wall with a landscape print.

Anticipating how buyers will view each room will help you stage your property effectively.


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Confidence in the prospects of Canadian real estate is now apparent across all demographics, with 49% of urban Canadians anticipating real estate performance to match and even surpass financial investments within 12 months, according to a new survey by Sotheby’s International Realty Canada.

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Dropping home prices and economic uncertainty hasn’t turned Canadians off the housing market, with people across all age groups bullish on real estate, new research suggests.

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Notable, Quotable, Quotes!

“You do not find the happy life. You make it.”

Camilla Eyring Kimball

You probably know, intuitively, that there’s a crucial difference between information and advice.

Gathering information is like finding puzzle pieces — not much good until you know how to put those pieces together.

Getting advice is like finding someone who’s built that puzzle dozens of times before and having them explain where to put each piece.

How does this analogy apply to real estate?

Imagine finding out that local real estate listings are down. That news isn’t particularly helpful. But, if you also got personalized guidance on how that drop impacts the market value of your property, that would be more relevant and valuable.

So, when you have real estate questions, you need both: Good information and great advice.

Where do you get it? You call me.

Not only do I have the latest data and market updates, but I can also explain what that information really means to you, given your situation, needs, and goals.

I can help you put the puzzle pieces together!

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